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Introduction to the World System

The World Radio Network and World Friendship Nets are hosted by NARRI on the World Conference Server on Echolink.

NARRI provides and maintains the various repeaters that run the WRN/WFN System.
This starts with the Western Reflector which is one of many reflectors on the Echolink system.
The Western Reflector has 10 channels (as do all the various reflectors).
The WRN/WFN systems are hosted on channel 1.
The NARRI web site (narri.org) has a list of the various repeaters (7 in Vegas)
The NARRI site also has a list of the channel assignments on the reflector.
Channel 0 is the Hi-Gate conference.
The Las Vegas repeaters are on channel 0 most of the time. (447.000 on Blue Diamond is primary)
They switch to channel 1 twice a day for the WRN/WFN nets. This includes the UHF repeater in Pahrump. (449.750)
There is a VHF repeater in Pahrump that stays on channel 1 full time. (146.910)

There is considerable cost to provide all these activities. Consider donating to NARRI. See the web site.

These nets were started many years ago and the history is pretty much lost. Some of the regulars on the net can fill you in.

As stated on the preamble of each net, the purpose of the nets is to promote amateur radio and friendships around the world.

New operators are welcome. Always looking for new NCOs. Read what it takes here.

A Message From The Manager:
Greetings from North Dakota.
Most of us have opinions that we feel passionately about when it comes to politics or religion.
There are many forums where those topics are appropriate and even encouraged.
However, the World Radio Network and the World Friendship Net are not included in those forums.
It is our desire to keep the WORLD Conference a fun place for ham radio operators along with family and friends who may be listening.
Ham radio should be a place where we can avoid controversy and drama
and it is important that we all work together to make sure the WORLD Conference is free of political and religious confrontation.
While I respect the right of everyone to have their own views on these subjects,
as Net Manager I must insist that those views be kept off the air on the WORLD Conference.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 73 for now Mike Higgins KM4OOC Net Manager/ WORLD Echolink Conference


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