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Ham Recipes

Please submit your favorite recipe to kg7ka at yahoo.com
We may develop a Ham Cookbook

Besides operating a radio, hams like to eat. This page will provide favorite recipes by hams.

We will start with one submitted by Kathy Barrett (XYL of KG7KA)

Grandma’s Soft Oatmeal Cookies
1 Cup Brown Sugar .. 1 scant cup shortening .. 2 eggs well beaten .. 1/2 cup sour milk .. 1 tsp baking soda .. 2 cup flour .. 2 cups rolled oats .. 1/2 cup raisins .. 1/2 cup chopped walnuts .. 1 tsp cinnamon
Mix ingredients and spoon on to greased cookie sheets. Bake @375 for 10-14 min. Test with toothpick.

Here is a delicious recipe for Guacomole sent in by N7HVN Cathy (When you click on the link it should download the file to your computer. If on a tablet or phone, it won't work.)

Here is a good Chili recipe from K6GRL Linda

Here is a special enchilada recipe from W2CAD Chris

Here is a Simple meatloaf recipe from WN4V Jon

Here are some ideas on smoking without a smoker.

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