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Other Nets

Thanks to John W2JLD, we have a fairly complete listing of all the nets on Echolink. Click here to download the current PDF.

Most of these are on Echolink and IRLP. Look for the schedules on the web pages

Handiham net for hams with disabilities (Echolink conference HANDIHAM)
Check their main page for complete information about Handihams.

Friends Net As their web site says "Home of the GOOD MORNING Net and a place for friends who love ham radio
(Echolink conference Friends)

Islands A new conference started by WH6DWF all about islands.
(Echolink conference Islands) (Starlink Conference)

NASA is on the Echolink conference NASA that broadcasts the shuttle audio. Their schedule is here. Note that they discourage retransmitting the music you may hear. However the latest FCC rules excludes the shuttle audio from the music transmission restriction.

If you like DX on HF there is an Echolink conference at DX-Link

The Hi-Gate conference links the IRLP 9250 that is on the Las Vegas repeaters of NARRI

And of course the World conference is on IRLP 9251 that the NARRI repeaters switch over to for the nets twice a day

Another conference at NV-Gate says Welcome to the ARRL NV Section NV-GATE Conference Server sponsored by Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, INC. (NARRI). This home of the NV Section Network. NV-GATE is digitally linked to the IRLP Western Reflector Channel 8 (9258) full time to allow communications between NV Section IRLP and Echolink nodes NV Skywarn Wednesdays at 7 PM Pacific Time.

The Hamnation net takes place on Wed evening after Hamnation Here

DODROPIN says The best source of amateur radio news is Amateur Radio Newsline The best place to hear it is of course on the ARNewsline Net Every Saturday night at 2100 Eastern on Echolink at the *DoDropIn* #355800 Check in to the net Listen to the news Hang around after for good chat.

Speaking of that the Amateur Radio Newsline can be found Here

The Guild Conference is another Echolink conference says on Facebook We actively monitor our EchoLink Conference Server *THEGUILD* Node 679320. Stop by and say hello!

https://hamconnect.com/groups/echolink/ A group to discuss the use of Echolink and other Internet Radio Linking Programs.

World Wide Amateur Radio Guild The Guild is a conference on Echolink.

Friends Ham Radio Network is on the Friends conference on Echolink.

World Paranormal Net is on the web and Facebook and returned to the world conference server on Tuesday October 17, 2017

Some of the nets on Echolink do not have a web page but provide info via their Yahoo Group.
Here are some links to other nets
Here is the info about the DCF:
From Doug Davis, AD7LO: Group Description: DISASTER COMMUNICATORS FORUM (DCF) In the past various individuals and Amateur Radio organizations have come forth to provide emergency response communications where it was needed. Those affected by a disaster deeply appreciate the dedication and effectiveness of ham radio operators. Recent disasters have reaffirmed the need for ham radio operators to augment governmental operations. The DCF is used to link communicators together before, during, and after disasters. This is to augment local communications with communicators outside the effected area. This forum, established in February 2007, is for those who recognize the need to share information: lessons learned, preparedness planning and disaster relief coordination. It is intended that all organizations involved in preparedness and response, including, but not limited to ARC, ARES, RACES, FEMA, Sky warn, Salvation Army, ERC, MARA and Homeland Security will participate in the Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) for the betterment of the whole.
Group Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DISASTER_COMMUNICATORS_FORUM/ Forum membership is limited to Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, therefore, the applicant’s FIRST NAME, LOCATION, and CALL SIGN must be included in the request and in the YAHOO PROFILE. We reserve the right to moderate messages sent to the group and refuse, delete or ban membership at our discretion. The DCF Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Net meets every Sunday following the American Red Cross Communicators Net that starts at 6 PM Pacific Time. The nets meet on EchoLink *DCF-ARC* Conference Node #336037 and IRLP Reflector 9257 which are linked together 24/7 to allow Echo link and IRLP nodes to communicate. These channels may be used in the event of a disaster to link communicators together. The VoIP provides another means for local response personnel to communicate.

Here is some info about Yahoo Groups

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