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All about repeaters

The repeater list on the NARRI page only list those repeaters operated by NARRI

There are numerous repeaters all over that link to the IRLP system. You just have to ask around your area or try scanning during net hours.

To find a list of repeaters in any specific area, check these resources:

Repeater Book .com
To look in a specific area look for the link "Quick Search North America". Then go to the area you want & get a list. You can look by town, county & other criteria.

NARRI web site has a list of the NARRI repeaters.

The WIN System has a list of repeaters that carry the WIN system.

RFinder WW Repeater Directory

On the IRLP.net site there is a list if active nodes. Go to the "Active Node Status" link on the left. Here you can get a list of all active nodes or look by zip code.

On Echolink you can see the active links without being a member. Click the "Link Status" link.
You can search by city or grid square. I tried Pahrump & got no response but using my grid square got me 30 responses.
If you don't know about grid squares, here is some information about them:
ARRL has a simple explanation at this site and a more detailed one here
If you are a licensed ham go to your QRZ page and your grid square is listed in the Detail tab.

There are many lists of repeaters available. Here are a few of them:



http://rptrlist.w6jpl.ampr.org for Southern California

http://www.lvrac.org/reptlist.pdf for Southern Nevada Note: As of 7-10-18 The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club web site is down. Hope it is just temporary.

and http://nellisrac.org/repeaters/southern-nevada-repeater-list-pdf/ from the Nellis Club for Southern Nevada. Some nice links here too.

And just when we thought Echolink had a lot of activity, I found this list
Look for things like Ham-news, HamandEggs, HamTips, various locations and clubs and lots more.

http://www.nevadahamradio.com has news of interest to Nevada

Las Vegas Repeater Association has a lot of good info. Check out the Satellite info under Radio Modes and the Web Links and the News.
There is also a list of local nets at http://www.wa7hxo.us/docs/localnets.pdf

If you are interested in HF DX (long distance communication) check this out.

Repeater lists for Denver Check here for repeater and net info for the Denver area

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