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This section is for new operators.........

First of all welcome to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio or nicknamed Ham Radio

There are so many ways to enjoy this hobby

We hope this information will assist you in getting more enjoyment out of your toys.

To start learning about ham radio, try the links in the sidebar.

Lets start by talking about getting registered so the rest of the Ham world can find out about you.

Click this link to go to

You will see a box at the top to enter any call sign. Type your own call sign and touch enter.

You will be taken to the QRZ page that already has you listed from the FCC database.
However you will see this information asking you to log in.

Click the Login link and you will get a request to log in. If you have never logged in, you need to register.

Just click the link in the "Don't have...." line and follow instructions

Once you are registered, you can edit your page and add information about yourself.

You can add pictures, e-mail address and a bio.

You can see sample pages by entering any valid ham call sign. Try mine (KG7KA) if you wish.

I won't go into detail here about adding info to your page. There are help files available on the QRZ page.

To begin editing your page hover your mouse pointer over your call sign on the right.


Then click the Edit link and you are set to begin editing. There are help files there and by searching the web for help using QRZ.

Now start making contacts and have FUN.

You can also use QRZ for your log book.

When you enter a call sign you get this at first

Notice you can see their e-mail if you hover over the E-mail link.

You can also log a contact with them

You can see detail about them- I'll leave that for you to explore except for one area I really like- the "Show Map"

These are all public records so I am not revealing anything that is private.

You are visitor Number

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