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2018 Hawaii Volcano Disaster Reports
Note that the PDF downloads may not work well on a phone. Best seen on a computer.


October 12, 2018 - Hurricane Michael is causing devastation in the Southwest.
There is some good info on the web about how Hams are helping and what can be done.
Download this PDF
with a list of links to look up.

Sept 20, 2018 Todd reported that the Volcanoes National park will reopen this week.
Check this page for details.

Sept 12, 2018. Hurricanes on the East coast of USA.

Hurrican net from Fla is up and running on 14.325 and 7.265

Here is an AMSAT bulletin about the hurricane due on Sept 13-14

Aug 6 Hawaii Volcano Warning: Kilauea amid fears of Hurricane Hector's Imminent arrival // UPDATE

And Kilauea Volcano: When will Hector barrel past Hawaii? Will Big Island be hit?

July 24, 2018 New Island

And Veterinarians test for toxins as mysterious illness continues killing wild horses

July 14, 2018 Halemaumau Crater changes from April 14 to now.
and another Hawaii UPDATE (July 14): Lava ISLAND emerges at SEA oozing lava

Report from June 10 on PDF

Posted in Facebook Edge of Wonder video of lava flow and this one about National Guard monitoring Kilauea volcano. Fantastic pictures.
Here are some more Lava Fountaining 100 Meters High From Hawaii's Kilauea and Lava explodes from fissures in Hawaii

Todd Wh6DWF lives in Hawaii and has been providing updates on the volcano activity. The latest activity:

June 7 Todd sent a report via email. I made a PDF. View it here. Title is "Lava fountains reach up to 230 feet overnight at fissure 8"

June 6 Explosive eruptions are changing the face of Kilauea's summit crater from 6-1-18 article

June 4 New eruption from Hawaii Civil Defense. Ignore the ads. Click Skip ad. Other videos in the right side menu show some impressive shots.

Check these out: Behind the News from May 15 and this one from May 26. Then this one from drones.
Spectacular does not even come close to describing it.

June 4 Todd says: This goes to show that volcanoes are very serious business! They are very unpredictable by nature and can move mountains in a matter of seconds...

June 2 A report from Todd:
Leilani Estates shelter evacuee dies by apparent suicide By Kevin Dayton June 1, 2018 Updated June 1, 2018 8:54pm A Leilani Estates man who was registered at the emergency shelter at Pahoa Community Center has apparently died by suicide, hanging himself in a wooded area near the shelter, according to a source. A spokesman for the Hawaii Island police department confirmed a man who was registered at the shelter has died, and said an autopsy is being performed today to determine the cause of death. No other information about the man was available this afternoon. A source familiar with the incident said the man was reportedly despondent over a break-up with a romantic partner. County officials reported 409 people were being housed today at three emergency shelters including the Pahoa shelter, which is run by the county Department of Parks and Recreation with support from the Hawaii chapter of the American Red Cross. Additional shelters at the Keaau Community Center and the Sure Foundation Church have been consolidated and moved to the Keaau Armory, according to a notice by Hawaii County Civil Defense today. The shelters have been staffed with trained Red Cross nurses and mental health volunteers, who have provided more than 6,200 health and mental health services to those in need, according to Red Cross. So far, a total of 300 Red Cross volunteers have assisted evacuees. Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim urged officials with the county Department of Parks and Recreation this morning to find ways to make the evacuation shelters “more livable, any kind of little thing to make it more comfortable for the people living there.” A spokeswoman quoted Kim as saying that “we have to do everything we can to help our citizens ride this out.” Red Cross is seeking volunteers from Hawaii island to staff the shelters, and training will be provided. Volunteer applications are available at www.redcross.org. For more information, call (808) 739-8122

June 1 National Weather Service Advisory

May 29 Lava crosses key highway, destroys over 400 utility poles, cutting power to many in lower Puna

and 100s of DEEP tremors being monitored not far from Cascadia Subduction Zone

May 28 Fast-moving lava shuts down highway near Leilani Estates

May 24 Latest VOG report

May 23 There is a human side of what has been happening over here

May 20 breaking-news/small-explosive-event-creates-light-ash-concerns-for-pahala/ or Youtube

9 AM update

We now have 20 eruption sites now on the Big Island of Hawai’i, with fissures 15,17,19 and 20 being the most active.
Note: Fissure #15 is 1,200 meters long and is the most active of them all with lava shooting up 300-400 feet in the air.
This is creating a lava flow that is moving towards the ocean at a rate of 100 yards per hour.
The ocean is two miles away from #15 and should reach the ocean this time next week if not sooner.
So far, we’ve lost 40 structures and one of the biggest fears is that the lava will flow over the
Geothermal plant, which is less than a half mile from #15 fissure, which has underground storage tanks
of a highly flammable liquid called Pantene that support these underground wells.
Several 3,000 gallon above ground storage tanks were removed by trucks in the last three days to
prevent explosions that in themselves could of wiped out the entire community of Leilani Estates.
There is currently an attempt to kill these underground wells by pumping them with cold water.
If the lava gets to close and they can’t save those wells in time, they will need to be permanently capped forever.
The race is on to save these wells by pumping them with cold water.
In addition to very high levels of Sulfur Dioxide and glass, residents on the
Big Island will face high levels of Hydrochloric Acid once these lava flows reach the ocean once it mixes with the salty sea water.
Here in Hawaii, not just the Big Island of Hawai’i, residents are fearing a major eruption of the Kileua Volcano,
which can cause a major localized tsunami, which would effect the south shores of all the surrounding islands,
with the bay of Waikiki and Kuhio Beaches most effected, especially with the current south facing swell that’s building right now.
Maybe be great for surfing but horrible if there should be a localized generated tsunami.
This eruption can come at anytime without warning and create a tsunami without any sound
for there isn’t any NOAA buoys to provide any readings or advanced notices.
The Amateur radio community is following this very closely, with many leaving their radios on 24/7 on multiple frequencies,
like I’ve done for years now as the only radio relay station in Hawaii on off grid power,
with capabilities to communicate with all islands but only limited capabilities to the island of Kauai
because of our own mountain ranges to the west of me and because of the mountainous terrain of Kauai itself.
Links from Todd:
Air Quality

Kilauea Status

Hike distances & other safety tips

Hawaii Civil Defense

Todd Wilson WH6DWF

Previous notes from Todd:

On 5-11-18: Eruption could hurl rocks 'the size of cows' from summit crater, scientists warn

On 5-8-18: 2 new eruptions confirmed on Big Island; another home destroyed

Here is info on Hawaii Revised Statutes (Chapter 127A) that comes into play once the governor of our state declares a state of emergency and applies for Federal Disaster Relief Assistance. We are seeing more and more states changing from State Civil Defense to State Civil Defense Agency because as an official agency, it them more powers in order to control every aspect of a disaster event and more authority to work with other official agencies with multiple capacities. As a emergency disaster communicator, I was told to learn its functions forwards and backwards, plus this allows me to work and communicate directly with our military, law enforcement and NGO’s in an official capacity to provide disaster assistance. It seems that Amateur radio is playing a larger and larger role in these disaster events at a much greater level than ever before. They are the eyes and ears of a disaster because they always on the front lines of a disaster.

On 5-5-18 I asked Todd for info. Here is his first response:

Yes, it was a 6.9 magnitude quake that was very widely felt here in Hawaii. Since I live in a penthouse unit at the top of a building built on a caldera, I had just stepped out of the shower when it hit and watch the water sloshed back and forth, with the whole building rocking as I was trying to make it to a last minute appointment with a surgeon that wanted to take tissue cultures from one of my legs to send off to the lab. For a moment, I actually thought that quake could do some serious damage to my place or at least knock the floor seal off for that toilet. Last night, around 9:30pm I’m guessing, I could here a loud long distance explosions and turned on the tv right away for the 10pm news. It was then that I found out that there we two more powerful eruptions for a grand total of 10 active eruptions at 10 different locations. We’ve had eruptions before at the volcano but nothing ever like this. This volcano has been erupting continuously for over 30 years but nothing ever to this magnitude! Starting back in 2006, the south point of the Big Island of Hawai’i has been experiencing what the USGS calls, “ Silent Earthquakes” and these silent earthquakes overtime has been separating a very large portion of that island to the point that you can see it now on Google Maps. It’s created these long gorges with gaps as wide as 100 meters or more just like Mother Nature taking a large slice of pie going all the way across the southern portion of that island. It is feared that one day the whole entire south point of the Big Island will slip into the Pacific Ocean to create what scientists call, a Super Tsunami of biblical proportions that would target the large bay on the island of Oahu or an area the world best knows as world famous Waikiki Beach. With all of these eruptions and medium to large earthquakes constantly going on, that this doomsday type scenario could actually happen. It could happen with no warning at all and the first wave could be upon us within a few short minutes, in much less time than any person with a good head start in a vehicle to get to higher ground. There is actually animated YouTube videos about this very same scenario. This actually did happen in Alaska in the 1950’s in which a big landslide slid into an Alaska bay and created a 1000 foot tsunami. Here in the Pacific Ocean, this would be considered a world event, effecting not only Hawaii but the entire west coast of the United States and as far away as New Zealand and Australia also. Each medium and large size earthquakes on the Big Island has been known to create tsunamis that has killed many people here in the past. Another bit of information, the Hawaiian Islands moves over volcanic Hotspot in a northeastern direction towards Japan at a rate of several centimeters a year. It is now creating a brand new volcano called Loihi.
Check this info on Wikipedia.

This could become a new chapter for the Hawaiian Islands. It’s too early to tell but could we all be witnessing the major start of a new Hawaiian island, we knew it was going to happen within the next million or so years from now but could this become its start today... So far, these eruptions have destroyed 27 homes so far and this is only the beginning. Will any homes be spared, only Madame Pele could tell us that in time. With ten active eruptions and counting all going at the same time, regardless of the past, this is history in the making as far as volcanoes goes... Moana Kea, the world’s tallest volcano, is a shield volcano in the sense that it doesn’t explode like Mount St. Helens did in the early 1980’s. Instead of explosions, it erupts into these large lava fountains and makes its way downhill in a path of least resistance. What makes this lava unique is that it is thin, runny and able to move very quickly, not the slow moving lava that a person can out walk but constantly has what is called, “Breakouts”. As the lava makes its way downhill, there will be these breakouts that allows the lava to lurch forward in bound and leaps like water being squeezed out of a moving sponge of hot searing lava. With each earthquake signifying more magma moving just underneath the ground, the danger of more lava erupting will continue, perhaps maybe for months or even years given the history of Moana Kea and Moana Loa Volcanoes. I hope this gives you a better understanding of all of this volcanic activity on the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i.



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