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On 3-6-18 a group of hams local to Las Vegas were invited to a meet and greet with Rosi and Glenn who were visiting from Canada.

Cathy and Art provide the hospitality and a good time was had by all.

Here are some pics of the gathering.

From Cathy: The Guests of honor & some others

From Peri:

Art, Loren & Mortie in the first pic and Cathy the hostess with Rosi and Glenn.

Daniel, Cathy and Rosi in the first pic and Other Joe, Lori (K7BCM) and Cathy.

And some group shots from Loren:

Left to right Gary, Sharon, Cathy, Joe, Daniel
2nd Pic: Peri, Gary, Sharon, Cathy, Joe

Left to right Glenn, K7SJE Sandy, Lori, Mortie, Art, Peri
2nd Pic: Carol (Peri's XYL), Glenn, Sandy, Lori, Mortie

Left to right N7VDS Gary, Gary's XYL Sharon, Cathy, Joe;
2nd Pic: K7BCM Lori, Mortie, Art, Peri

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