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Breakfasts, Parties and Get Togethers

NARRI Breakfast and Annual Meeting on Sept 15, 2018 was a great meeting.
We met at Arizona Charlies RV park conference room. Nice location. Excellent meeting room.
The only slight disadvantage was having the earlier breakfast next door at Arizona Charlies.
Some ate in the buffet and some of us in the coffee shop.
I had planned to video the meeting but was not able to.
It was attended by about 20 hams from the Las Vegas area. Tom AF7J came in from Utah.
John W7JCA gave a presentation on Allstar. You can download the slide show in pdf format here.
If you would like the Powerpoint version, email me a request & I will email it to you.
Kent awarded plaques of appreciation to 5 hams who have assisted NARRI in various ways.
3 of these attended the breakfast and the presentation photos are below.

Tom AF7J has been helping NARRI with the web page.
Gary has hosted the UHF repeater in Pahrump for many years.
Loren KG7KA has hosted the VHF repeater in Pahrump and provides the web site for the WRN/WFN system.
John W2JLD was presented with a plaque for his service. Photo to come later.
Todd WH6DWF was also presented with a plaque for his service. Photo to come later.

Some of the persons attending in addition to the above are N7HYV, KI7SBU, W7AMC,

NARRI thanks everyone for coming.

Kent said he is sending awards to 2 others that could not attend.
Rather than let the cat out of the bag, I'll post pics of them when they get sent.


The last meeting was on Jan 13, 2018 The NARRI breakfast meeting was a great time. We had about 20 folks there.
We met at Winchels Pub and Grill at 199 E. Warm Springs, Las Vegas and enjoyed mingling for a couple of hours.
This very nice meeting many of the hams and wives that we meet on the air. These were the hams in attendance:
W7AOR Kent & xyl Chris, NO7E Chris, WB6AMT Earl, K7UPP Mark, K0GKC
Gene & xyl Deanna, W7JCA John, KI7OBO Keith, N8HC Glenn, W0MRD Mark, N7HVN Cathy and hubby Art AB7FB, AF7J Tom, N7BZN Scott, K7JST James, KG7KA Loren & xyl Kathy & Bob W7AMC
Sorry if any mistakes made or I missed anyone - please let me know.
2 awards were given to recognize excellence with NARRI. Cathy N7HVN and John W7JCA were awarded nice plaques.

This is Kent awarding the plaque to John and Cathy.

Here are some shots of the group.

On the left is a shot of John's homemade Pi system. Need him to send me a description of it. On the right is Scott and Tom trying to set up a screen that Tom was going to display his computer images. The screen would not remain up so that didn't work but a good demo was given anyway of how Tom works from his truck on the road. KG7KA visited with Tom after the breakfast and saw the cab of the truck. Looks like any busy ham shack.

A discussion was presented by Tom AF7J and John W7JCA about the digital world. This included demos of the Nano node and a homebrew (the yellow box).
Lots of questions were asked and answered nicely. Loren asked what is the advantage of digital over analog. Lots of discussion but the short answer is that you can do a lot more with digital like private discussions, send text and photos just like a smart phone. Also the quality of transmission is better from repeaters. The difference in audio quality was mentioned but is far outweighed by the advantages.

On 3-6-18 a group of hams local to Las Vegas were invited to a meet and greet with Rosi and Glenn who were visiting from Canada.

(More pics of Rosi here)

Cathy and Art provide the hospitality and a good time was had by all.

Here are some pics of the gathering.

From Cathy: The Guests of honor & some others

From Peri:

Art, Loren & Mortie in the first pic and Cathy the hostess with Rosi and Glenn.

Daniel, Cathy and Rosi in the first pic and Other Joe, Lori (K7BCM) and Cathy.

And some group shots from Loren:

Left to right Gary, Sharon, Cathy, Joe, Daniel
2nd Pic: Peri, Gary, Sharon, Cathy, Joe

Left to right Glenn, K7SJE Sandy, Lori, Mortie, Art, Peri
2nd Pic: Carol (Peri's XYL), Glenn, Sandy, Lori, Mortie

Left to right N7VDS Gary, Gary's XYL Sharon, Cathy, Joe;
2nd Pic: K7BCM Lori, Mortie, Art, Peri

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