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Pole? 70 feet in the air! Read on... (about Pahrump repeaters)

On 2-25-2018 a project was worked on to move the Amargosa 2 meter repeater to Pahrump.

The event was attended by:
Kent W7AOR representing the NARRI group as sponsor of the repeater.
Loren KG7KA hosting the location.
Mark N7UPP who did all the ground work.
And finally the pole climber, Janet Arrett (not a ham)

It started out with 2 brackets made by Bill KF7DHE to mount the antennas on the power pole.
Actually it started a lot earlier with the pole and shed being provided by our local radio station KACE (KACP 103.1 in Pahrump)
The pole has the antennas for the radio station that you can see in the pics.
We also use the pole for the antenna for our Fiber optic over the air broadband provided by the local power company VEA
So Janet had to manuever around all these other antennas on the pole to install the repeater antennas.
The top antenna is mounted at 70 feet at the base and will be the receive antenna hoping for full valley coverage.
Next is the tranmit antenna mounted at about 35 foot level. The antennas are about 10 feet tall.
This makes a separation of about 25 feet between the top of the transmit antenna and the bottom of the receive antenna.

The interesting (and scary) thing is that Janet is just 5'2" tall and the pegs on the pole are 3 feet apart. It was scary just watching her do this.
Anyway after many hours, the antennas were installed. Then Kent and Mark got all the equipment moved around and connections made between the various units in the shed so Kent could program everything. All this happened while Loren ran for tools and watched.

So anyway here are a few pics of the operation.

The first one is Janet just starting up the pole. Second is when she was about halfway up. Third is at the top. Last 2 show the antenna and brackets.
There are videos of some of the operation if you want to view them. I posted them on Dropbox and the links are in this PDF file.

Lastly Kent configured the antenna late into the night. Unfortunately it did not work correctly. The unit I.D.s correctly and activates when keyed but no audio is transmitted. After much consideration and frustration, Kent gave up and went home discouraged. Next we need a tech to come and solve the problem.

Thanks to Mark K7UPP for an outstanding job helping to put it all together. He drove out from Vegas just to help- What a guy!!

Now for the finished job. Here are a few shots of the completed installation.

The first photo shows the 70 foot pole next to the radio shed with some antennas for the country radio station here in Pahrump.
Next is a pic of the inside of the shed. It is fully insulated and air conditioned. Last shows the repeater and the ground wires.
Was able to provide one continuous 6 gage copper wire to all 3 boxes and out to a ground rod outside.
The antennas are terminated
to a lighting arrestor and also connected to ground.

First is the ground rod attachment. Second is the ground block on the outside.
Both arrestors are grounded and the ground line goes inside for the equipment.

On Saturday March 2, Jerry N7HYN came over to check it out.
He determined that the duplexer was connected incorrectly and reconnected it the right way.
He also checked the receiver and transmitter. They both work well.
In fact he said the receiver was "Hot!".
It was also found that one coax jumper was inadequate. Kent ordered a new one and it got installed a few days later.
Ran a few tests and the system seems to be working well.
Currently the repeater is on IRLP 3194 and Western reflector channel 1 at 146.910 minus & 123 PL.
If you visit Pahrum, try it out. Or if you connect via Echolink World conference, you will be heard in Pahrump.

There is another repeater in Pahrump on 449.750 located in central Pahrump. This one is connected on IRLP 3491 and Western Reflector channel 0 and the Hi-Gate conference. This repeater switches twice a day for the World conference nets.

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