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Fun Projects for beginners and kids (or anyone)

Maybe these ideas will help get more folks involved in radio.

Lets start with a simple project to make an electromagnet.
Here is the document
describing the basic idea.
And here is the web site that the idea came from.
See if you can design it into a useful tool. Make a housing for it. Add a switch.
Send me your completed project with photos & it will get posted.

Here is a site with 10 simple starter projects.

Like to make a crystal radio? Start here

And here is another slightly harder design. Includes links to other radio builds.

Then there is this one from Circuit Digest with some projects

And one sub page in there is about 55+ Simple Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners with Code and Schematics

And here are 9 Cool Things You Can Do With A Raspberry Pi.

And here is a simple startup guide for the Pi

Here is another one with simple circuit design.

And one more with lots of circuits to choose from.

The ARRL site has a list of projects Here

And This one has some fun stuff.

Here is a list of all kinds of homebrew projects.

This site has some projects that are a little more involved such as a Code Practice Oscillator, How a 2 way Light Switch Works, a Digital Dice Project, a Battery Tester Project, a 9V Door Bell Chime and a Simple Home Alarm Project

Want to explain how antennas work? Here is a site with a good breakdown.

Plans for 304 Wire Antennas for Ham Radio Here

If you have ideas to add - email them to me (kg7ka at yahoo.com)

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