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All about Antennas
(Revised 7-5-18- added article at bottom))

THE BEST HAM RADIO OPERATORS HAVE GOOD ANTENNAS! You can't work them if you can't hear them! Does size matter?
Remember you can receive off almost any wire but you can only transmit on an antenna designed for the frequency you are on.
Just because you can hear someone does not mean they can hear you.


Ebay has an explanation here that discusses various factors

Here is an interesting discussion that has these sub headings:
What is a Ham Radio? What is the Antenna used for? Ham Radio Antenna Types> What is the Best Antenna?
and How is a Ham Radio Useful in an Emergency Situation?

Start here for some projects for DIY

And Here for some easy projects

Good info from the ARRL here

Like to learn the math about antennas? Start here


Here is a geat book to download called "Understanding Antennas For The Non-Technical Ham
A Book By Jim Abercrombie, N4JA (SK)"
You can download the PDF here directly, however you should check the web page for other good info in the side bar.
One of the links is to Antenna Design

New (1-30-18) Next we have a design for the Pizza Pan Antenna submitted by Brett Chilcott AC0AE.
He says "Fred Chilcott, my uncle - KA0MIE designed a 2 meter pizza pan antenna.
Here is his original PDF of the design. Brett also says "I have used one for years and it has always produced some amazing results.
Uncle Fred explained to me that he designed it to transmit a lower than normal radiation pattern.
The attached PDF is his original handwritten sketch. I realize the sketch leaves a lot to the imagination as to how mechanically it is assembled.
My KA0MIE Pizza Pan antenna is on my tower. When I have time I will take some photographs of it and also send them to you."

Next here is a 6 meter Hen antenna by K5USS. I made one by modifying the design. I made a PVC frame and used 12 gage stranded wire. I had a long piece of coax that had a connector on one end. I attached the open end to the antenna. I used squeeze connectors to connect the ends of the wire and the attachments of the coax to the antenna. Put it on top of a 10 ft pole and set it up next to my chain link fence. It's all temporary until I test it. See the PDF here. and the photo Here. Notice I added a wood stiffener. The PVC was a little weak. But this was just for a test.

2-3-18 Here is a 2 meter Yagi by AA7WB.

Here is a Yahoo Group suggestion about antennas.

Thanks to Chuck N4UED who sent a couple of antenna handbooks.

This one is the USMC Antenna Handbook.

This is the Army Radio book that can be accessed on line or downloaded here
Note that the antenna information is in Section 9, Page 108 of 268 pages.

The HAM Radio Operator's Antenna Handbook

Antennas and receivers for forward scatter set-ups

Patents Of Interest to Amateur Radio Operators includes interesting antenna (second item down)

Here is an article about THE AFFECTS OF GROUND IN THE REACTIVE NEAR FIELD By the maker of the Isotron antenna

This info is not about ham radio but the right antenna for a "Smart TV".


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