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All about Digital Radio

Check this page for more links

The newest mode of operation for many of us is the digital world.
On this page we will try to simplify this complex world, provide some good info about various aspects of it and some good links.

You will hear terms like DMR, Fusion, Echolink, AllStar, D-Star, P25, Nexedge, C4FM and others. Oh Boy- What is it all about?
Well lets start here with a discussion of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio). This is PDF download. And Here for DMR discussion.
Then look at this page for D-star, DMR, Fusion, Which is right for you?

Here are some nets listed on DMR
html https://snars.org/dmr/dmr-nets/ (Sierra Nevada ARS)

Here is the site to purchase Nano Nodes

Here is the new MicroNode

Here is a video of a user of the MicroNode

Here is a commercial site by Motorola about DMR radios. And a discussion about DMR Here.

You can also go to Youtube and search for DMR to find lots of videos about getting started.

We don't provide any commercial endorsements here but here is an idea of what can be done to get into DMR for about $150.

Next we look at Fusion. Yaesu says Here: "System Fusion is Yaesu’s implementation of Digital Amateur Radio, utilizing C4FM 4-level FSK Technology to transmit digital voice and data over the Amateur radio bands."

Next we look at DStar which is Digital Smart Technology Amateur Radio. DStar is a Hybrid radio communications method which uses both Radio Frequency Transmissions, and the Internet and is discussed here. Also this is good info on DStar Gateway. Terms like Hotspot & simplex gateway are covered.

Another digital world is C4FM discussed here.

Then there is APRS discussed on Wikipedia

No digital discussion would be complete with out the Rasberry Pi. Check here and here and here - Have fun!!!

We will have more later from W0MRD, W7JCA and AF7J on their equipment.

SharkRF.com for info on Shark. Here is a video on how it works. Here is a description of how it works. They are available a number of places- just Google it.

Also may be available on Ebay as a used unit. Check Ebay for the TYT Tytera MD-380 DMR to get into DMR for about $80. New about $100. Here is a video about the TYT radio. Here is another video about the firmwear for the TYT. Like to tweak and modify? Start here.

Here is a document with links to D-Star information that was emailed to me by IcomAmerica.

This is a nice Introduction to DMR

Here are links to the latest device called ZUMspot

Zumspot & MMDVM Demo page

Here are a couple of PDF files about DMR and Zumspot Pi-Star, Zumspot & Pi-Star

And some controversy between Zumspot and MMDVM on Facebook and here

Other ways to get a hotspot:
http://zaarc.org/yellowboxnode.pdf is a box that is taklked about a lot.
Here are some links about the Pi-Star system

Just discovered a couple of new DMR HTs worth looking at.

The AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR Handheld Radio w/GPS & Programming Cable is $168.99 at Bridgecomsystems.com

The Ailunce HD1 DMR Digital Ham Radio Dual Band Dual Time Slot 10W
3000Channels 100000 Contacts 3200mAhz Waterproof long Range
Two Way Radio with FM Function and Programming Cable(Black,1pack) is $189.99 on amazon.

Both of these radios have some interesting features. One being the ability to program a list of repeaters in CSV format.

Interestingly the Powerwerx web site has this info which may help anyone looking for a csv database. "ANYTONE DMR CONTACT CSV FILE This downloadable Worldwide DMR Contact ID CSV file can be easily imported into the Anytone AT-D868UV programming software. Once imported, your radio will display the call sign, name, location and DMR ID during receive if an ID match is found. This list is updated daily. Advanced users can filter and format contact details via a third party website."

This discussion started because someone on the WIN system asked if a CSV file could be downloaded with a list of their repeaters. Using a CSV file to program a radio was new to me so I started investigating and found the 2 radios above along with a lot more.

Then there is AVRS Automatic Voice Relay System that is associated with D-Star & Allstar.

There is a Technical Roundtable on the PAPA DMR site at 8 PM PDT
Information listed on the PAPA System Website is as follows:
The "PAPA DMR Roundtable"(Weekly Net) Date: Every Monday Time: 8:00 PM Pacific
Net Control Michael - AF6FB Frequency: All PAPA Repeaters, California Talkgroup 3106
Listen Online: http://hose.brandmeister.network/3106/
Comments: Tech net to discuss DMR radios, repeaters, procedures, programming, hotspots, dongles, and more.
The Papa website has a lot of good information. Spend some time there. They have some other nets that you might want to listen to.

I believe all these Papa nets are also available on Echolink on the PAPA conference.
This is another conference hosted by NARRI on channel 5 of the Western Reflector.
Should also be available on IRLP 9255.



Allstar More info about Allstar, Starlink and Echolink Here

This site has help getting Allstar working

Here are a lot of links I found about Allstar.



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