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Welcome to the sister nets - World Radio Net and World Friendship Net
Hosted by the Western Reflector and IRLP

Here is information about Propagation and Satellite operation
Provided by Peri AA7WB
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Peri AA7WB is net controller on Saturday morning called "Stump the net controller"
He invites anyone to ask any question on any subject except current politics.
He does not use any cheating like Google but draws from his extensive background of personal knowledge.
Peri is also very interested in Satellite and HF propagation. He hosts a 10 miute section on other nets with current information about these subjects.
Currently these reports are on Monday and Thursday evening WFN nets at 50 minutes into the net but may vary as his schedule varies.

Thanks to Peri, we have an example below of how a banner displays when you copy and paste the code from N)NBH's web page. This is only one of many selections.

Here are some links recommended by Peri:

For current conditions check out

The NOAA solar dashboard can be found here

For information on Solar Terrestrial data check out this web site for N0NBH Check out his QRZ site to see how a banner looks when placed on your page.

For a sheet on instructions to add the baner to your web site right click here for a PDF file. Then choose Save Target as, select a place to save it and finish.
If you prefer a DOC file right click this one.

Here is what one banner looks like taken from N0NBH's web site (HF & VHF Band Condition Calculations Large Vertical Selectable 304A EME Deg Selectable MUF Black Only No Transparent) has some good info as well.

If you are interested in HF DX (long distance communication) check this out.



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