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Special Events

Upcoming Events

 April 7-12 NAB show Las Vegas.
For more info check the web site. If you would like to attend,
send Cathy N7HVN an email at TOCRE@AOL.COM

She has free ticket information.

April 18, 2018 will be a special event worldwide
World Amateur Radio Day- details here

April 29, 2018 General Motors Amateur Radio Club 1st Annual Swap & Shop
In Madison Heights, Michigan (thanks to Roy W8MRW)
Click on the thumbnails below to downlaod the full size flyers.

June 24 & 25, 2018

Field Day Details Here For info on your local area, check this map or just Google your location.

Swap meets

(email details to KG7KA of any you want posted)

Las Vegas has a swap meet on the first Friday each month. Details here

Past Events

March 19, 2018
Had a special event for Clark County Hams only this one evening.
Here is the announcement from Cathy N7HVN:

For those in the Las Vegas Area:  
All Clark County Hams are invited to check-in to the ARES net Monday, March 19 for a Las Vegas “maximum participation” event.   
Spread the word as you feel appropriate.  Visitors are called at the end of the net. 7:30-8:00pm    
Radio UHF 447.325 (-) 100.0  VHF 147.18 (+) D244 (yes this is a PL tone)     
Echolink *CCNVARES*     
IRLP Western Reflector Ch 3 (9253).   7:00-7:30pm (separate check-in)       
DMR- Nevada TG 3132: CC15, TS2

Mar 17/18, 2018

The 34th Baker to Vegas Race is over. Here are the results

#1 04:37:29 1 LAPD DEPARTMENT TEAM 12 hours:37 minutes:29 seconds
#2 04:59:10 3 BELIZE NATIONAL POLICE 12:59:10
#3 05:10:26 2 LASD COUNTY WIDE 13:10:26

This is a foot race from Baker CA to Las Vegas, NV by teams from all areas of law enforcement. Ham radio operators are used to assist in communications throughout the race. Each leg of the race is 5 to 10 miles long. See KG7KA on QRZ for info on the 2017 race.

Volunteers will be needed for next years event. You do not need to live in the area. Hams are there from all over the country.
ust go to the web site and sign up.
For details on volunteering go to http://www.radiobaker2vegas.org/
For info on the race itself go to http://bakervegas.net/
Here is a little history of the event
The number of teams has grown 14 fold from the first 19 teams in 1985.
The number of teams is now limited to 270.
Categories have grown to include Probation Officers, District Attorneys, US Attorneys and full time civilian police personnel.
There is a lot more on the web site.
Lastly you can Google "Baker to Vegas" and find tons of links to sites and videos about the race.
There are Youtube videos taken by drones.

2 of our WRN hams participated this year.
Special thanks go to Loren KG7KA at stage 10 and Mark N7UPP at stage 19

Saturday, March 10
1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern the American legion had a special event to mark 99 years of service to the nation and its veterans.
Here is the PDF with all the details sent out by email to WH6DWF
Here is a list of the monthly net for the American Legion
These links take you to the AL sites directly:

FEB 9,10,11 Hamcation 2018

We looked forward to seeing everyone at HamCation 2018! at Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park
Details here

Feb 3, 2018 N7HVN and WH6DWF hosted a SAR event getting the Girl Scouts involved. The Sisterhood of Amateur Radio (SOAR), in conjunction with the Girl Scout Council (GS) of Southern Nevada hosted a “Radio and Wireless Tech Field Day” in Las Vegas. Over 60 girls and their adult chaperones participated in the event held at the GS Council Facility during a 5-hour period on various ham radio methods. Read the story HERE. You can see the badge the girls earned.

Jan 25/26, 2018 Winter Field Day is all over for 2018.
Information is on the web at https://www.winterfieldday.com/
For more info go to Facebook Here

Jan 13, 2018 The NARRI breakfast meeting was a great time. We had about 20 folks there.
We met at Winchels Pub and Grill at 199 E. Warm Springs, Las Vegas and enjoyed mingling for a couple of hours.
This very nice meeting many of the hams and wives that we meet on the air. These were the hams in attendance:
W7AOR Kent & xyl Chris, NO7E Chris, WB6AMT Earl, K7UPP Mark, K0GKC Gene & xyl Deanna, W7JCA John, KI7OBO Keith, N8HC Glenn, W0MRD Mark, N7HVN Cathy and hubby Art AB7FB, AF7J Tom, N7BZN Scott, K7JST James, KG7KA Loren & xyl Kathy & Bob W7AMC
Sorry if any mistakes made or I missed anyone - please let me know.
2 awards were given to recognize excellence with NARRI. Cathy N7HVN and John W7JCA were awarded nice plaques.

This is Kent awarding the plaque to John and Cathy.

Here are some shots of the group.

On the left is a shot of John's homemade Pi system. Need him to send me a description of it. On the right is Scott and Tom trying to set up a screen that Tom was going to display his computer images. The screen would not remain up so that didn't work but a good demo was given anyway of how Tom works from his truck on the road. KG7KA visited with Tom after the breakfast and saw the cab of the truck. Looks like any busy ham shack.

A discussion was presented by Tom AF7J and John W7JCA about the digital world. This included demos of the Nano node and a homebrew (the yellow box).
Lots of questions were asked and answered nicely. Loren asked what is the advantage of digital over analog. Lots of discussion but the short answer is that you can do a lot more with digital like private discussions, send text and photos just like a smart phone. Also the quality of transmission is better from repeaters. The difference in audio quality was mentioned but is far outweighed by the advantages.

HEDY LAMARR DAY is on NOV 9 every year. Here's some details about the couple of years.
For 2 years this special event has been held on the *WORLD* Conference server, ECHOLINK NODE #479886/IRLP 9251.
We celebrated her accomplishments and of course her 102nd and 103rd Birthday.
We celebrated her technological advancements in ham radio and
of course her silver screen roles in many movies she did throughout her career.
If you missed it, we will do it again next year.
Without her inventions, we would not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or gps.
We had the DODROPIN, STARLINK, WORLD, UK HUB, FRIENDS conferences and more.

Now we have had two successful years.
In 2017 we had 104 checkins with 40 qsl card requests & 3 international stations.

Here is the 2016 card and the 2017 card

Thanks to John W2JLD for providing the cards.
Thanks to Todd WH6DWF for coming up with the event.
We want this to be a regular annual event.




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