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Enjoy trivia? Here is some ham trivia you may have fun with

This material came by way of the Spark Gap Times provided by the Old Old Timers Club

Of all slang words from tongue or pen, the strangest are those of the wireless men” I don't know who wrote the above, but the old timers did have a language of their own, some of which still can be heard on the bands. How many of these can you match up correctly?

Connect these names from the old time telegraphers:

1) stick 2) pump 3) boomer 4) coffin 5) rock
6) bug 7) mill 8) slop jar 9) pig 10) glass arm
11) spike 12) cans 13) lump of coal 14) rock crusher 15) bird cage

With these:

____ lost knack or style of sending ____ open core power transformer
____ semi-automatic key ____ headphones ____ pencil
____ rectifier ____ straight key ____ crystal detector
____ tuning coil ____ nomad telegrapher ____ crystal
____ power transformer ____ spark gap ____ vertical antenna
____ typewriter

Think you got them right? Click here for the answers

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Here's a new one submitted by W7AWN Phil. See if you can answer this question:

What is the total resistance of this circuit?

Here is the answer:
Parallel and Series Resistor Circuit Analysis Worked Example using Ohm's Law Reduction

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What is a Wouff Hong? Google it for some fun and history.

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