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my QSL cards:

Peri AA7WB is net controller on Saturday morning called "Stump the net controller"
He invites anyone to ask any question on any subject except current politics.
He does not use any cheating like Google but draws from his extensive background of personal knowledge.
Peri is also very interested in Satellite and HF propagation. He hosts a 10 minute section on other nets with current information about these subjects.
Currently these reports are on Monday and Friday evening WFN nets at 50 minutes into the net but may vary as his schedule varies.

Peri has provides some information about Conditions and Satellites on this page

His Bio: Peri Cosseboom AA7WB; AS, Civil Engineering Technology, City College of San Francisco; BS, Civil Engineering Technology, Cal Poly SLO; MFA, Project Management and Land Use, Cal State University, SF. Retired from 30 years of private practice, 2010 as a Land Surveyor / Civil Engineer in San Francisco. Carolyn, my remarkable wife, was my business partner and an excellent Project Manager and land use consultant. Former Contract City Surveyor, South San Francisco Ca., Daly City, Ca. and Pacifica, Ca. Former Instructor of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics; University of California, Berkeley; California State University, Fresno; City College of San Francisco. Subject matter expert speaker, mostly in project management, land use and land surveying, both pro bono and paid. Fulfilled a lifelong goal of becoming an Amateur radio operator in 2012. Mostly works 6 meters, but can be found on HF and occasionally on the Ham Radio Satellites. Been net controller on the WFN and WRN, on and off, since 2013. Currently doing, "Solar Weather, HF Propagation Reports and weekend contest info", on the WFN, Mondays and Fridays, at 5:50 PST, during the regular net. Email is AA7WB@yahoo.com for ham radio related questions.

Loren KG7KA has the Monday WRN net and fills in when needed. Loren hails from Pahrump Nevada which is 60 miles west of Las Vegas and nicknamed Over The Hump In Pahrump (OTHIP) which refers to the 5400 foot pass between Pahrump and Las Vegas. We reside on the West side of Mt Charleston, a 12,000 ft mountain with great views of snow capped peaks. For more info on Loren, go to QRZ & look up his call sign.
Loren and his XYL Kathy operate B's Embroidery in Pahrump. They specialize in custom one off garments decorated with embroidery or DGP (Digital garment Printing). The DGP process can print any design up to 14 x 16 inches on any flat cotton based material.
Mostly done on tee shirts but they have done pillow cases and quilt blocks.
Check the web site to see the products they provide. Here is a video shot in 2018 for the TV ad.
Clicking the link will download it and allow you to play it on your computer. Probably won't work on phones.

Cathy (N7HVN) and Art (AB7FB) enjoy ham radio wherever they go. Cathy is the Wednesday net control hosting “Wacky Wednesday” for WRN. Cathy and Art moved from NC to LV where they got their amateur radio licenses in 2014. We are active in various clubs in the Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Verde Valley (AZ) area supporting radio communications for various marathons and bike races. We enjoy cruising (32 cruises to date!) and living in Las Vegas. More information on our respective QRZ pages. 73, 33 and 88 all around.
Cathy works with a number of groups- the Girl Scouts being one. Here's an interesting fact about Weblos: There is no such scout as a Webelo. WEBELOS stands for "We Be Loyal Scouts". Without the S the boys are not scouts! This is the only Cub Scout advancement item which transitions to the Boy Scout, Varsity Scout or Venturing uniform.


Phil W7AWN does the Saturday World Friendship Net and fills in when needed.

W0MRD Mark Doering fills in when available. Lots of computer knowledge.
(CISSP, ITIL, MCNPS, MCP, MCPS, MCTS, MS, PCI QSA, SA) has over a decade of experience in IT systems and networking with emphasis on security, availability, and interoperability. Mark has directed the design and implementation of multi-million-dollar, large scale deployments of servers, networking equipment, and communications systems. In addition, he has executed numerous security evaluations of firewalls, IDS/IPS, wireless, SIEM, and DMZ implementations revealing security gaps in infrastructure for the casino, banking, and defense industries and government agencies. Mr. Doering holds MCP and MCTS certifications and is a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor.  Mark has been an Amateur Radio operator since 2016 and is a regular net participant via RF on the World Radio Network and World Friendship Nets, and several other nets via EchoLink and IRN.

John (W2JLD) is manager of the Handiham conference and can be found many places on the nets.
He will sometimes fill in on WRN/WFN

John says:
ITook my test on January 17,2015 which was on my birthday and on January 21, 2015 I got my license
and got my current vanity call on September of 2015 and have not looked back.
Also I am net controller for the East Coast Reflector on Irlp 9050 Saturdays at 12 noon EST/9am PST.
On both nets we talk about ham radio related topics and discuss those items.
So please join me and check in for these nets. I also enjoy building antennas and advancing my ham radio career.
I am a photographer as a side business and have enjoyed doing many projects and working with not only NASCAR
celebrities but have also worked closely with 2 NFL teams to do photography for them.
I am a father of a 9 year old boy and he is slowly but surely getting into the hobby,
he is a Weblos scout and I enjoying spending time with him and watching him grow.
Check my web page of photography here.

Todd WH6DWF does the Thursday World Radio Net.

On March 7, 2018, he sent the first photo above with this note:
"This is a picture from several years back (you can see we still had sand on our beach in Waikiki back then) with my best friend, Karl, a retired NYPD officer who had to go through the six month academy for the Honolulu Police Department because HPD doesn’t accept “Laterals” and is working on a second retirement. In this photo is me and canine Rocky, when he was still young and enjoying better days. He was the best bomb detection canine officer on the island ?? and this had to be around the time we were working APEC, with 29 world leaders here for a global conference. I’ll miss Rocky so much and I sure hate to put him down..."
The second pic is a copy from the QRZ page. All us animal lovers out their feel his pain.

Our newest controller is John KC8CMQ taking the Tuesday WFN Net for the "Pass the mic".
Check in here and listen for new controllers to try their hand at net control.

John says: Got my call Feb 28,1996
Wife Shari KC8CUC Married Sept 3rd 1971
Both of us retired from FD because of Cancer
Both of us are Shriners Retired from GM 2000
birthday 9-1- 47 like fishing, ATV, snowmobiles, camping and talking on radio,
See you on Echolink

These controllers can be checked out on QRZ

Vince KM6IRY fills in when needed.

Mike KM4OOC is net manager and is net controller on Monday's World Friendship Net

Lee KD8TBC is assistant net manager and is net controller for the World Friendship Net on Thursday.

Roy W8MRW does the Friday World Friendship Net

Past controllers:

Walt VE4OO was a regular on the Tuesday World Radio Net. He will no longer be heard.
On February 20, 2018 he became a Silent key.
His memorial information is on the web Here.
On this page, the pictures at the top rotate. To see the photos, click the link "Open Full Navagation" and then click "View Photos".
I posted 3 of them here. There are more pics of family.

KM4PPV past controller.

Joe KT7JOE used to do the Monday World Radio Net until he got too sick. Hope he gets well soon.

VE1PJW Peter has helped out with nets in the past.

KD2KVZ David- Founder of the World Paranormal Net
Used to have it on the WRN/WFN system.
World Paranormal Net Webpage: http://www.worldparanormal.net (No longer in operation as of 9/20/18)
David Has moved on to other endeavors.

Carl K3CFG Past controller

VE1PJW Peter is alternate when he can.

N0STY no longer does the Sunday trivia net.

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