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FMS is dedicated to teaching people how to use their computers more efficiently and without frustration. This site and its content is entirely free for personal use. Please enjoy using it.
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Check out this article on How PC's work. Best I've seen
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As a famous TV show once said "Danger Will Robinson..." The current Danger on the web deserves that warning.
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The Grin-N-Bear-It site will provide both new and experienced computer users with the following:

Education, Tips & Tricks and generally useful information about the Internet, Computers, ISP's and Free Internet Services, and about what's going on in Southern Nevada

This information is intended to relieve frustration in using a home computer using the Windows operating system and make it fun. Windows XP and now Vista are being used on the majority of home computers. Previous versions of Windows (3.1, 95, 98, Me) are esentially obsolete. Other operating systems NT, 2000, Mac and Linux are outside the scope of this site. Information on these other systems is readily available on the Web.

NOTE FOR XP and Vista USERS: SOME OF THE TIPS PUBLISHED HERE WORK WITH XP and Vista, BUT NOT ALL. BEFORE USING ANY OF THESE TIPS WITH XP or Vista, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND ASK. FOR EXAMPLE, THE FIRST RELEASE OF GO BACK (version 3) DOES NOT WORK WITH XP. Roxio has since released a newer version of Go Back (still labeled ver 3) that is compatible with XP. There is a note on the box in the upper right corner that says Now Compatible with XP. For those with the earlier version, an update can be downloaded from Not sure what they have done for Vista. See this page on using Vista for faxing.

PS As of Dec 2009, Symantec has obsoleted GoBack & replaced it with Norton Ghost. The principle still holds- MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING ANY MAINTENANCE. Actually you should do a backup regularly anyway.

Click here for notes on using XP.

Click here to include a bit of humor in your day or here:

Got a new Computer? Check out:
What to Do First
Modified 3-29-01


Does it feel like your computer is attacking you?

You do not need to fear using the computer. Nothing you do with the touch screen, keyboard or mouse can damage the hardware except using a hammer. You can m ove or delete files or programs but they can all be reloaded or recovered, providing you have BACKUPS!
All it takes is a little education.


Note: This site is full of Barrettisms like this one:

Install Go Back Before You Do Anything Else

Click here to see notes about installing in XP

BACKUP is important but it is done differently in newer computers.

If you obey a Barrettism, you will be saved a lot of grief.
If you don't follow this advice, just Grin-N-Bear-It

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Some thoughts to live by:

Life is too short not to have fun

If it ain't broke don't fix it

If you don't like this job, get a new one

If you don't like where you live, move

If you don't like what you are doing on the computer,
Click on

KISS - a philosophy to live by
You do know what it stands for don't you?

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