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Term Definition
Bookmark saved link to a favorite site
Browser Software program to browse (Surf) the Web
Cable modem Device to connect your computer to a high speed TV coax cable
Chat Real time communication between people on the web usually by typing messages on a white board.
Many services are now doing Instant Messaging which is one form of chat.
Cookies A file added to your computer by a web site(Contains information about your surfing habits, passwords, etc.
Dial Up Connection to the web, usually via modem and phone line
Domain name The name assigned to a home web page IE
Download Transfer data from another computer to your computer
DSL Digital Subscriber Line. High speed connection to the web using standard telephone lines
Emoticon using keyboard characters to express a feeling :>) is a smile
EXE A file identifier for an executable file. Usually a program
Favorite Same as Bookmark. Used in various browsers
Forum A discussion group for a specific subject
FTP File Transfer Protocol. A means for transferring files between computers
GIF A file identifier for a graphic format used on the web
Hoax An e-mail that tries to scare people and is not true
Home page The start page in your browser. Also the main page of a web site
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The basic programming language of the web. It's what makes it all happen
Hyperlink A link that jumps you to a new place
Image map A graphic that has hot spots with hyperlinks
Instant messaging A special form of chat wherein you can send messages between 2 or more people while they are on the web
Abbreviated IM
ISDN A special high speed Internet connection that requires special wiring to your house and is expensive.
Java A sub programming language of the web for creating motion and special effects
JPG A file identifier for a graphics format used on the web
Kbps Thousand bytes per second of data transferred
Link The element that send you to a new location. See Hyperlink
Midi/Mid A file identifier for a sound file
MP3 A file identifier for a sound file
MPEG/MPG A video file
Newsgroups A special area of the web that people post messages and get answers
Online/ Offline Connected or not connected to the Internet
Plug-ins Special programs added to your browser to play additional elements
Protocol A special set of instructions for communication between two devices
Real Audio A special Plug-in for playing audio/video files in Real Audio format
Resolution The sharpness or graininess of a picture on the screen, scanner, photo or printed page
Search engine A site on the web that catalogs web sites and searches its database for information specified by you
Shareware Software programs that allow trying out before buying
Signature (e-mail) A file that is attached to an e-mail that contains information. The same file is attached to every e-mail you send
Smileys Same as emoticons. Space saving way to express a feeling.
Spam Unrequested e-mail sent to a large group of recipients without their permission
Start page Same as home page for your browser. The page that is displayed when you start the browser. Can be changed at will.
Subscribe Same a subscribing to a newspaper, but for e-mail on the web. Sometimes used to subscribe to a service, like stock reports.
Usually requires assigning a user name and a password
Thumbnail A small copy of a larger graphic or photo
Transfer Move or copy a file from point A to point B
Upload Transfer a file from your computer to some other computer
URL Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator. This is how web pages are indexed. Commonly synonymous with web page address. Actually the number behind the address.
User name A name chosen to identify you to a service. Can be any combination of letters and numbers. Your e-mail name is your user name on your service provider
Video chat Communication that includes a camera. See Chat & voice chat. The communication can be by typing or a microphone.
Virus A program that causes some harm to a computer. May be minimal or deadly. Anti-virus programs protect you from virus'
Voice chat Communication using a microphone. See video chat
Wave file A sound file identified by a .wav
WWW World Wide Web. Synonymous with Internet. Actually only part of the Internet. Other parts include FTP and newsgroups.

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