Cleaning Up Your 9x/Me Computer

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Getting slow & sluggish?

Getting innundated with Pop Ups?

Tired of error messages?

Want to clean this junk out?

Let's do some cleanup.

Considering the rash of problems seen recently, Here is what you need to do to clean up your computer:
1. Uninstall all unwanted programs. See this page for instructions.
2. Turn off all unnecessary running programs in the startup with msconfig. Click here for instructions.
3. Remove any current antivirus programs. (It is my opinion that most are out of date and cause more problems than they fix.
4. Install and set up the following:
AVG antivirus (better than Norton and McAfee) Get it here Check this page for more info
PopUp Manager (prevent popups) Get it here
Spybot (to remove spyware) Perform a cleanup to remove all temp files. Get it here
5. Do Scandisk & Defrag Instructions here

Weekly Cleanup For users of Windows 95, 98, Me

This first section will offer information on keeping your computer cleaned up on a weekly basis.

There are a number of elements in your computer that need regular maintenance

Things that need to be emptied on a regular basis are

Recycle Bin


Temp folder

Temporary Internet folder

Windows provides many different ways to accomplish these tasks
This section will describe a way to create a folder on the desktop with all the regular cleanup items listed in logical order and show you how to use each one.
The weekly Cleanup also includes scandisk and defrag
These functions are explained in detail including reasons for using them and how to configure and use them effectively.
Click Here to view the Instructions for creating and using Weekly Cleanup

Note changes for doing this in Windows XP

Hard Drive Cleanup

The second section will describe How To Clean Up Your Hard Drive
Some problems and questions I answer frequently include
a list of things to do to keep your hard drive clean.
Click here for the "Hard Drive" Document.

Click here for another link to drive cleanup programs By Fred Langa

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