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How to use BCC in addressing your e-mail in Yahoo

How often have you have received an e-mail with a lot of addresses at the top showing everyone it was sent to? Do you mind your address being displayed to everyone else? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone learned to use BCC? BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. When addresses are added using BCC, then the mail goes to everyone on the list but no one sees the list of names.

If you need to learn how to do this, read on. If you need to tell someone else to learn how, send them this link. (

I discussed the basics on this page. If you need the basics go bach there first.

All e-mail uses the same basic format for addressing the e-mail. There is a "To" field, a "CC" field and a "BCC" field.

The mail will be sent to all addresses in all 3 fields.

The "To" field should normally be used for only one name. You can put a lot of names there but then they will all be displayed in everyones mail. You can put one name in the "To" field and a name or names in the "CC" field and they will all know who else it was sent to.

When you do not want the names displayed, you need to address all but one name using the "BCC" function. When sending to a group, I put my own name in the "To" field and all the rest in BCC.

So the next question is "How do I do it?"

This page discusses how to use BCC in Yahoo mail.

If you use Gmail, click here for detailed instruction.

If you use AOL, Outlook or Outlook Express, Windows mail, or any of the many online e-mail systems (Juno, ATT, etc.) the process is much the same. Just look for the BCC.

First you have to open your Yahoo e-mail. (Note: this applies to Yahoo classic. In 2011, Yahoo required everyone to upgrade to the new Yahoo mail. The concept is still the same. Its just that the commands are in a different location.)

To start a new message, click on New. If you click the drop arrow to the right of New you get the drop list shown above. Click "Email Message" to begin the new message.

To insert names as BCC click the Show BCC. This creates a new field as shown below.

Then click the Bcc link. Actually it does not matter if you click To, Cc or Bcc, you get the same result.

This opens the Yahoo Address Book. Figure 1 shows the 3 columns of check boxes & points to Bcc.

The next image shows some names checked in the Bcc column and one name in the To column.
After selecting the names, click Insert Checked Contacts as shown in the third image.

This will return you to the mail compose page. Note that there is one name in the To field and the rest are in the Bcc field.

All you need to do now is compose the message and send it.

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